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December 1, 2015
283 Lonsdale Road is a substantial proposed development overlooking the flood defence wall and the river, awaiting planning permission. Also known as ‘De Worde House’ it has been re-submitted with revised plans on several occasions and though the neighbour consultation period appears to have closed in fact residents can still post objections or observations to this highly controversial plan, which at the very least would seem to be trying to squeeze a quart of saleable real estate into a pint plot. We particularly draw your attention to the well informed objection by its immediate neighbours, no. 281 Lonsdale Rd, who believe they have uncovered some strange activities on behalf of the developers’ hydrology assessors.

The main consultation page is here:
And the specific objection mentioned above is here:

Who we are

We are a group of residents in Barnes South West London who have become increasingly concerned about the dangers of basement excavations.
Over the last few years basement excavations have caused considerable damage to a large number of properties in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames and many residents are alarmed by the increasing demand for basement extensions. We are not campaigning against basements as such but we believe that Richmond Council as a matter of urgency needs to put in place effective protection for neighbours and our environment.

Why we are campaigning

We believe that many of the problems that have arisen out of recent basement excavations have occurred as a result of inadequate knowledge of complex ground and groundwater conditions, combined with poor understanding of the effects of excavation. Our Council has recently issued guidelines suggesting tests to accompany any planning application for a basement but these tests are insufficient; they do not specify the level of expertise and qualifications require; and crucially THEY ARE NOT COMPULSORY.

Our neighbourhood - Barnes

Barnes is a river village with a predominantly Edwardian housing stock but also with many significant Georgian buildings along its river terrace. Historically many areas in and around Richmond have had problems with underground water and some parts were basically marshland, as shown in the 1837 Tithe Map of Barnes Parish. Because so many parts of the London Borough of Richmond are vulnerable to much increased and often uncontrolled excavation, protection is urgently required for all its residents.

Latest news

Breaking news: House collapses on The Terrace

A house overlooking the river on Barnes Terrace which was had recently undergone a basement excavation has collapsed. The house was the subject of a major redevelopment which involved removing the roof. Full details of the planning application for the basement...

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We’re not against basements, we just want them to be safer

Not surprisingly, in the aftermath of the building collapse at 26 the Terrace, rumours have been circulating about its cause(s). Whatever the cause, no-one at this time can know the answer to the complex questions that arise from the collapse until full facts and a...

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Letter to Richmond Council , MPs and London Press

THE FOLLOWING EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT THIS MORNING TO RICHMOND COUNCIL, MPs AND LONDON PRESS Dear Councillors (& Zac Goldsmith MP) We do hope that our not having received any acknowledgement to our previous email relating to an investigation into the causes of the...

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Who are the Safer Basements Group and what are our objectives?

First of all, it is important to say that we acknowledge that people have a right in principle to develop their homes by way of extension, outwards, above or below, and that the current UK law supports them (overwhelmingly) in so doing. Where there is dispute or doubt...


21 Cedars Road (15/0795/DD01)

6 Cleveland Gardens (15/3199)
33 Melville Road (15/1754/DD01)
6 Glebe Road (15/2478)
42 Nassau Road (15/0325/DD02)
26 Melville Road (15/3597)
9 Vine Road (15/3605)
15 Ranelagh Avenue (15/2716) which has had its preliminary application refused under Permitted Development (thanks in large part to the high number of objections) but which will shortly be submitting a full planning application including a full-footprint basement.


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